Get a Driving Licence in Dublin City

The Right Driving School is conveniently south of the Dublin City hub near the RSA Rathgar Test Centre in Orwell Road. We have successfully assisted more than 1,300 students since the Road Safety Authority introduced the current essential driver training scheme in 2011.

This requires that learners with first permits issued since April 4th 2011, must complete 12 hours of practical driver training before they apply for their full licence, and do so with an approved ADI instructor such as we employ.

We maintain our reputation with the RSA headquartered at Primrose Hill, Ballina County Mayo by consistently producing applicants that have potential to pass their test. We will not sign off an EDT logbook unless we are convinced that the pupil is ready. A retest can be even tougher and we hope to avoid exposing our clients to this.

Our proven method mirrors the systematic RSA approach, in that we record inputs, processes and outcomes against predetermined standards. We use these metrics to identify individual student weak and strong points. With one, there may be a problem maintaining consistent speed, while another may forget to check the mirror a second time before changing lanes.

Transforming nervousness into professional confidence is another of our cornerstones. We start with basic manoeuvres in our private yard before moving into quiet suburban streets when the morning rush is over. As student competency develops we train in busier traffic. That said, we promise never to expose you to a situation for which you are not ready.

Why Choose Right from Among All the Others?

Despite the efforts of the RSA not all driving schools Brisbane are the same, although in theory all ADI’s train to the same standard. This has to do with business culture, and the extent of individual attention. We encourage our learners to pay us for the first session only when they enrol. That way, we can disengage if things pan out less than perfect.

From our side we are pleased to confirm the following applies to every Right Driving School contract.

  • Dedicated in-car tuition (one student per car) by a fully authorized ADI having completed all the requirements
  • Modern, roadworthy vehicles with paid up tax and comprehensive insurance on vehicle, learner and passengers
  • Free pick up and drop off within a five-kilometre radius of the Rathgar Test Centre in Orwell Road
  • Comprehensive EDT training ‘by the book’ to the same standard that has assured a 92% pass rate among more than 1,300 pupil drivers

Time for some home truths

You better feel fortunate with regards to paying a driving instructor for driving lessons in Dublin. For instance, In Australia, for driving lessons Brisbane learners have to total 100 logged hours of accompanied driving. That can get expensive. In Germany you will probably fork out upwards on €1400. You really do have it great if you’re searching for driving lessons in Dublin.

Our Catchment Area

We cater mainly for first-time drivers in the southern Dublin quadrant, although we happily assist customers from further afield. We have also helped a number of migrants and contractors from other countries in the past, although this has tailed off owing to the state of the Irish economy. Every member of our staff is Garda evaluated to provide an added measure of assurance. Train the right way. Train with the Right Driving School.