Driving Test

Reasons Not To Concern Yourself about Your Test

happy african girl and driving instructor doing high five after getting her driving license

We all experience a little anxiety before an interview or examination. It is just the body pumping adrenalin to prepare us for ‘flight or fight’. When you understand this, it is easier to set your mood aside. This is especially true of your test day if you trained with Dublin’s Right Driving School. We leave nothing to chance and ask you not to go forward until we both believe that you are ready.

Dublin Testing Centres

There are four local options where you could do the test. We suggest you use the Rathgar one because we can familiarise you with the routes examiners use, although naturally it is to you to decide. Here are the options to help you make up your mind:

Driver Testing Centre


Spent In Queue

Centre Passing Rate

Raheny (4 All Saints Park, Raheny Dublin 5)

8 Weeks


Rathgar (75 Orwell Road – near Orwell Lodge – Rathgar Dublin 6)

8 Weeks


Finglas (Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown, Finglas)

8 Weeks


Tallaght (Premier Business Park, 52 Broomhill Road, Tallaght)

8 Weeks


Call National 1890406040 To Book a Test at Any RSA Test Centre

Source: Road Safety Authority (Queue Times and Passing Rates May Change)

There is no need to concern yourself overly with these low passing rates if you engage with the Right Driving School. We have secured a pass rate of 92% on behalf of more than 1,300 pupil drivers, and we invite you to view our many student testimonials that confirm this.

The secrets of our success are thoroughness, diligence and integrity. Our student drivers consistently complement us for our realistic programs, and especially the rigorous pre-test simulation we put them through. They know that meeting our high standard confirms that they are ready for their official test.

The Test Procedure

The government has introduced standardised procedures. Thus no matter whether you test at Raheny, Rathgar, Finglass or Tallaght your experience should be similar. You begin by answering questions about the rules of the road and road signs (15 – 20 of each) before stepping out into the yard and demonstrating you know what is under the bonnet, and how to use the controls inside the car. The examiner may also do a brief roadworthy check. Be ready to prove your licence is paid up and that there is current insurance on the vehicle.

The final and perhaps most challenging stage is the practical driving test itself. It is important to stay calm despite the odd misunderstanding and the mistakes that you may make. The examiner will know that you are nervous, and will wait until you settle down before evaluating you. So take your time, get it right and pass as 92% of our students do.