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Additional Services Available from Right Driving School

While our core focus is helping clients obtain their full driving licences we have expanded into diverse services following customer demand. This page is a summary of the add-ons we provide from our base south of Dublin City hub near the RSA Rathgar Test Centre in Orwell Road. Please do not hesitate to request further information, or to discuss a service more precisely tuned to your needs.

Learner’s With Disabilities

While it is impractical to have a pool car for every special need, we are delighted to assist should the client be able to source a vehicle. We charge the same price per module, although it does happen that the standard 12 EDT sessions prove insufficient. We will try our best to estimate the total cost before engaging in a formal contract.

Post EDT Training

stock-footage-traffic-cone-in-the-background-moving-carsWhile EDT makes a great contribution towards safety on our roads, it is and will remain a basic introduction tailored to average needs. Accordingly, we invite licenced drivers to partake in our free fifteen-minute assessment. Should we notice any deficiencies we will report them objectively.

Other candidates for advanced driver training include clients who drive on motorways as a job, or perhaps visit the UK regularly where the driving culture is faster and may be less accommodating. We also provide assistance to those who passed their EDT test recently, but still feel a little nervous about venturing out on their own.

ADT Training

Although not a licence to print money, being an ADT does offer a rewarding career to those who love helping other people, organising their own lives, spending time out on the road and working with a variety of different personalities.

We have a reputation for feeding competent feedstock into the system, and are always happy to assist provided the student is willing to respect our geospatial turf. The costs vary according to the entry-level competence of the applicant. You are most welcome to contact us to explore this option further.

Ancillary Services

Over and above this we provide ad hoc assistance in a variety of other innovative ways. For example, we coach experienced drivers who are converting across to automatic gearboxes after a lifetime driving manual. We also have a trickle of people migrating from the UK who are accustomed to driving on the other side of the road. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Speak to the Right Driving School first about all your requirements.